Pokemon Platinum: PokeReview

With the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the total count of Pokemon titles has come to a jillian, which is about the same number of Pokemon in the new Pokedex. It’s rather daunting, and if you want to get back into the series, you may have no clue where to begin. Allow me to help: Pokemon Platinum.

Pokemon Platinum brings the total number of little (and not so little) critters to 493. You won’t catch them all, and if you do, i’m not sure if I should be impressed or grossly disgusted. However, there are a few new tools that’ll help you achieve your goal.

The WiFi features in Pokemon Platinum are top notch for a DS game. You can play minigames, battle, and trade Pokemon with others around the room. One of the features that I admire most is the ability to scale your Pokemon to level 50 or 100. This encourages newcomers and beginner trainers to play against others even with their starting Pokemon.

Another cool feature is the ability to watch other people’s battles. I’ve seen some pretty cool fights, including a Ratatat defeating a legendary Pokemon. And it was a legit fight. It’s a cool little feature that, while not everyone may use it, is a nice touch.

These aren't your dad's legendary Pokemon

I haven’t really mentioned much about the gameplay mechanic. That’s because it’s roughly the same since the original Red and Blue. Occasionally you might fight in different weather conditions, but it’s nothing so revolutionary that’ll you’ll throw your DS down and exclaim, “My life is complete.” There are more types of Pokemon, and as previously mentioned there are more Pokemon in general. This adds variety to the game but doesn’t change the formula.

That’s a good thing. Pokemon was already a great RPG, so don’t fix what isn’t broken, I suppose. However, I do feel like Pokemon is not the perfect game. Particularly in this version, some of the story gets a little odd.

Now, most games have some villain that wants to either destroy or change the world, but in a Pokemon title things have always been in a little tongue in cheek. Yes, there has been Team Rocket in previous games, but everyone knows they are like white people in the NBA–they’re cute when they act big and tough, but honestly, what are they going to do really? (And since I don’t want to be racist, the same can be said about black hockey players. Or anyone who isn’t Asian that plays professional ping pong) In Pokemon Platinum Team Rocket has been replaced with Team Galactic. For most of the game, they serve much the same purpose, but by the end, Team Galactic has turned into the catalyst for a faux philosophical storyline. Give me a break. This is a Pokemon game. I don’t want some crap about wanting to create “a perfect world.” Honestly it creates a weird kind of pseudo Nazi feel to it, complete with the leader of Team Galactic addressing his troops from a balcony. Might as well slap a moustache and a red armband on him.

Look how adorable he is! Can we take him home?! Please!

Another gripe: the Distortion World feels odd. You don’t fight any Pokemon, and there is only one real puzzle that is embarrassingly straight-forward. It’s a big let down for me. I was hoping that it would be something akin to Pokemon Gold or Silver, where you get to travel to a whole different world. Instead all you get is an isometric snooze fest where you walk on the ceiling. If I wanted to walk on the ceiling, I’d hang out with Peter Parker.

All and all these are minor gripes. No one plays Pokemon for the story. That’s like saying people play Modern Warfare for its excellent storytel–haha, I can’t even finish that joke. Play the game, but just know what you’re getting: a ridiculously deep gameplay experience.

The good: a refined RPG experience; some cool new Pokemon designs, particularly the legedary Pokemon; great use of Nintendo WiFi, which is rare for a Nintendo game.

The bad: forced, lame philosophical subplot; sometimes random battles would occur too frequently.

The verdict: this is a buy. The only reason I wouldn’t buy Pokemon Platinum is because you missed Pokemon Gold or Silver back in the day and want to try HeartGold or SoulSilver instead. A Pokemon title should be in any serious RPG’s fan collection.

Written by Neutrally Chaotic

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4 Responses

  1. There are 493 Pokemon right now.

    Excellent otherwise. The storyline bothered me too, but who cares about a story? It’s Pokemon.

  2. […] La bonne: une expérience RPG raffinés, certains nouveaux modèles de Pokemon cool, en particulier les Pokemon legedary; grand usage de Nintendo Wi-Fi, ce qui est rare pour un jeu Nintendo. Le mauvais: forcés, boiteux subplot philosophiques; aléatoire batailles parfois ne se produisent trop fréquemment. Le verdict: il s'agit d'un achat. La seule raison pour laquelle je ne voudrais pas acheter Pokemon Platinum c'est parce que vous avez manqué Pokemon Gold ou Silver de retour dans la journée et que vous souhaitez essayer de Cœur d'Or ou Âme d'Argent à la place. A titre de Pokemon devrait être dans la collection de fan tout RPG de graves. URL article original: https://moralitypoints.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/pokemon-platinum-pokereview/ […]

  3. […] Il bene: un'esperienza RPG raffinato, alcuni cool Pokemon nuovi progetti, in particolare i Pokemon legedary; grande uso della Nintendo Wi-Fi, il che è raro per un gioco Nintendo. La cattiva: forzata, zoppo subplot filosofica; battaglie casuali a volte si verificano troppo spesso. Il verdetto: questo è un acquisto. L'unico motivo per non vorrei comprare Pokemon Platinum è perché vi siete persi Pokemon Gold o Silver back in the day e volete provare HeartGold o SoulSilver invece. Un titolo Pokemon deve essere raccolta in qualsiasi fan di RPG serio. URL articolo originale https://moralitypoints.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/pokemon-platinum-pokereview/ […]

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