The League of Inadequate Gamers

It’s been a long time, Internet. But consider this, at least, a partial revival of good ol’ Morality

league of inadequate gamers, lig

A select group of awful gamers, myself included, have decided to start a very amateur league for some of our favorite games. We call it the League of Inadequate Gamers. We’ll be playing Starcraft 2, and I am going to start casting some of my favorite games. This is just a preview game (also, KLied isn’t a member of the LIG), and yes, it’s awful. But trust me, things will get better. It’s Morality Points, after all. You’ve been coming here time and time again, even though I’m a lazy asshole and haven’t been posting anything.

So consider this the worst reward ever for loyalty: 

The League of Inadequate Gamers is real. God help us all.

Prepare to rage quit

-Neutrally Chaotic

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