LIG: Ridal vs thebrotoss (TvT)

It’s been a long time coming. I’m not sure what happened. Well, I kind of know why there was a delay: Ridal actually broke his finger. So this is the make-up games between Ridal and thebrotoss. Will we see some hardcore gaming rage? Find out!

LIG Starcraft 2

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Starcraft 2 – LIG Round 5: NeutralKotic vs ducK

We’re already in Round 5 of the League of Inadequate Gamers. It’s kind of hard to believe how fast the season is passing! With only three rounds left to play, this first matchup between NeutralKotic (#2 in the LIG) and ducK (#1) could be critical in the final tournament seeding. Who takes the series? Find out below and enjoy some intense Starcraft 2 action!

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Starcraft 2 – LIG ducK [Z] vs thebrotoss [T]

Duck has been dominating the League of Inadequate Gamers for some time now. And when I say dominating, I mean he hasn’t been number 1 since the LIG started. Will thebrotoss be able to take down the Swarm? Find out as they battle it out (videos after the bump)

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LIG: CrAzian vs thebrotoss

Season 1 of the League of Inadequate Gamers is quickly coming to a close. Already we’re finishing Round Three. Enjoy the videos after the bump, and don’t forget to like Morality Points on Facebook!

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NeutralKotic vs Ridal: Starcraft 2 LIG Series

Hey! I played Starcraft 2 the other night for the League of Inadequate Gamers against the great and mighty Ridal. It’s another great amateur series. Please enjoy, yes?


Very good! [Videos after the jump]

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The LIG Series 1 & 2 (Season 1)

The League of Inadequate Gamers has gotten underway. The first round has been played, and here are the results.

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