Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing DLC

Based on my review of Left 4 Dead 2, you would be right to assume that I was pretty geeked for the recently released DLC pack dubbed “The Passing.”  Now that the wait is over was my excitement justified?  Yes.

This DLC pack brings us the long-awaited passing(get it?) of the survivors from Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.  Without giving anything away and to get it out-of-the-way, I’ll just say this is a bit of a let down.  The meeting occurs within the new campaign.  The actual campaign is a bit short, only 3 sections.  The sections are lengthy, but not long enough to make up for the lack of parts.  It’s nice that it can be played so quick, but I would have liked this new campaign to be a bit meatier.

Now that the negative is out-of-the-way, let’s talk about everything else the pack brings because it’s all awesome.  The new campaign is broken up into new maps for versus and survival.  Most people still playing L4D2 would agree new maps for versus mode is always a welcome addition.  These new maps function well within survival mode as well.  They are fairly wide open and provide a lot of interesting match-ups, especially the third one.

Alright, now to the meatiest part of the DLC, mutations.  Mutations are one-off custom game types created by Valve each week.  Every Thursday a different game type will be available to replace the current one.  The first week we were treated to realism versus which is basically just a match of versus with realism mode enabled.  This gave the infected a huge advantage, specifically the Jockey.  This forces the survivors to play the game in a different way than they would in normal versus where the two sides are balanced.

So basically mutations give an endless amount of modes and re-playability available to the players.  If you’re tired of versus, survival, or campaign, check back every Thursday to see what’s new.  At least you can never complain about a lack of new content in Left 4 Dead 2 from now on. However, you have to download the passing for mutations to be available on your game but once you do they’ll be available forever.

Mutations are a game changer folks.  That mode itself makes this pack worth it.  Download The Passing now, it’s only 560 points.  That’s a good damn deal sucka.

Written by Cool-C

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