Battlefield 4 First Impressions: Deep Impact, Big Crashes



battlefield 4 beta

The Battlefield series has been my shooter of choice since the original release of Battlefield 1942 in 2002 (Shh, Call of Duty 4; our love affair will remain forever a secret). I remember the thrill of hopping into a plane, strafing real players on the ground, and then parachuting out if need be to return to the battle. There wasn’t anything quite like it at the time, and there are very few games that do it as well as Battlefield to this day.

So the burning question on my mind is how is the Battlefield 4 beta? Is it the next evolution in the series, more of the same, or a step backwards?

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A Tale of Two Loot Drops

Diablo 3

I’m trying to go to bed earlier, but two games this weekend got in my way. The first, to no one’s surprise, was Diablo 3. As the hours ticked by, I kept telling myself one more dungeon, one more level up—oh look, here’s a cave that has nothing to do with whatever arbitrary objective I’m fulfilling, but I’m going to run in there anyway. It was fun, and I stayed up until 2 AM playing it, much to the chagrin of my fiancée.

I realized that Diablo 3 is the casino of gaming.

It draws you in with a high level of polish, flashing lights, pitch-perfect sounds. It captures your desire of winning, that thrill of getting the jackpot. And even though, unlike casinos, there is a clock in Diablo 3, you tend to ignore all concepts of time. 15 minutes pass by, then 30, then suddenly an hour or two, and you have either won it all—or, if you’re playing on hardcore mode, maybe you’re flat broke and sleeping on the street tonight.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review: Out of Time

Final Fantasy 13-2

Note from the Editor: We here at Morality Points firmly believe that video game reviews don’t have to be the most timely occurrence; many games go through initial bursts of popularity and fan-dom only to be hailed as the most boring 20 hours in the history of ever. Even though Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out in January, Stephen’s review offers a better perspective over the true merit of the game.

To avoid spoilers, I have avoided discussing the plotline.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the latest installment of the series created by Square-Enix and was released at the very end of January 2012. So, that begs the question: Why is my review coming out just now? Well, my playthrough of FFXIII-2 was nearly complete when my time and attention was stolen away by the arrival of Mass Effect 3. However, now that I’ve finally beaten the single player and played plenty of multiplayer, it’s about time for me to finish up with FFXIII-2.

As you can tell by the title, FFXIII-2 is the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XIII was a controversial game that had both lovers and haters. I prefer to take the middle ground and say that Final Fantasy XIII had many great points but several big detractors, such as a lack of open world exploration, a linear plot, lack of cities and annoying voice actors.

With the creation of FFXIII-2, Square-Enix hoped to rectify the mistakes of Final Fantasy XIII. However, whether or not it was a success is debatable.

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Tribes Ascend Review: Killing in Motion

Tribes Ascend logo

Tribes, regrettably, was one of those series that I discovered too late into my gaming career. While I played a few rounds of the original, too many of my friends had moved on and I quickly did too. With the release of Tribes Ascend I was determined to get more out of the fast-paced experience, and although I’m horrible at the game, Hi Rez studios has done a great job of capturing the essence of the original while bringing the blazingly fast action to new audiences.

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Super Monday Night Combat Review: The Wacky World of Sports

Super Monday Night Combat

The Atlantic recently commented that most games are dumb. The characters of Super Monday Night Combat read that article and took it as a challenge, but in the best possible way. The newly released PC game takes the idea of absurdity, puts it in a weirdness food processor, force feeds it to an awkward unicorn, and poops out solid gold.

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Who Doesn’t Love A Free Game?

There’s a growing fear in the video game community that Apple’s (and to a lesser extent Android’s and Windows’) App Stores will be the doom to the core gamers. And there are some good reasons to fear: while the App Store has been a cash cow for developers, gaming sales have declined year over year.

As a core gamer, is it time to panic yet? No. It’s not like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the movie industry, which is about as thriving as a septic tank. But in a down global economy, it’s much easier to justify a $1 to $2 app purchase than it is to buy a $60 retail game.

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review (Xbox 360)

The Witcher 2 Xbox 360

It’s been a long time since a game has told me that I sucked. After playing through the opening tutorial, Witcher 2 recommended that I play on the easiest difficulty. And for the first few hours of playing, I couldn’t agree more; I really did not know what to make of Geralt the Witcher. The Witcher 2 is a tough game but, once you embrace the gameplay, explore the lore and invest in the character, you’ll experience a flawed, yet entertaining game.

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