Pokemon Platinum: PokeReview

With the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the total count of Pokemon titles has come to a jillian, which is about the same number of Pokemon in the new Pokedex. It’s rather daunting, and if you want to get back into the series, you may have no clue where to begin. Allow me to help: Pokemon Platinum.

Pokemon Platinum brings the total number of little (and not so little) critters to 493. You won’t catch them all, and if you do, i’m not sure if I should be impressed or grossly disgusted. However, there are a few new tools that’ll help you achieve your goal.

The WiFi features in Pokemon Platinum are top notch for a DS game. You can play minigames, battle, and trade Pokemon with others around the room. One of the features that I admire most is the ability to scale your Pokemon to level 50 or 100. This encourages newcomers and beginner trainers to play against others even with their starting Pokemon.

Another cool feature is the ability to watch other people’s battles. I’ve seen some pretty cool fights, including a Ratatat defeating a legendary Pokemon. And it was a legit fight. It’s a cool little feature that, while not everyone may use it, is a nice touch.

These aren't your dad's legendary Pokemon

I haven’t really mentioned much about the gameplay mechanic. That’s because it’s roughly the same since the original Red and Blue. Occasionally you might fight in different weather conditions, but it’s nothing so revolutionary that’ll you’ll throw your DS down and exclaim, “My life is complete.” There are more types of Pokemon, and as previously mentioned there are more Pokemon in general. This adds variety to the game but doesn’t change the formula.

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