Battlefield 4 First Impressions: Deep Impact, Big Crashes



battlefield 4 beta

The Battlefield series has been my shooter of choice since the original release of Battlefield 1942 in 2002 (Shh, Call of Duty 4; our love affair will remain forever a secret). I remember the thrill of hopping into a plane, strafing real players on the ground, and then parachuting out if need be to return to the battle. There wasn’t anything quite like it at the time, and there are very few games that do it as well as Battlefield to this day.

So the burning question on my mind is how is the Battlefield 4 beta? Is it the next evolution in the series, more of the same, or a step backwards?

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BREAKING NEWS: Battlefield 3 Caspian Border Map Returns, High-Res Texture on Xbox 360

So the title pretty much says it all, but to clarify: for PC gamers, you have one more chance to play Caspian Border on Battlefield 3 before the beta ends. In this final weekend, Caspian Border will be available to play, no password-hunting required. The servers are up now (I’ve checked) so get on it!


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Medal of Honor (2010) Beta Impressions

Medal of Honor 2010 beta

Medal of Honor is a well-known first person shooter series that dates back to November 11, 1999; released on the PlayStation 1 console. Created by Steven Spielberg, the series created various spin-offs and expansions over several different home gaming consoles, PCs, and Macs. This most recent Medal of Honor title is scheduled to release on October 12, 2010 across various platforms (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC). Developers have decided to ditch the setting of WWII in favor of a more recent setting; this time around it is set in Afghanistan–complete with modern day technology, modern day weapons, and modern day vehicles.

For this closed beta, there are only two available game modes that can be played, as well as two different playable maps. First, there is mission mode, which is akin to Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s “rush” mode where certain objectives must be accomplished before the attackers can advance further into the map. Then there is team assault… which is, well, exactly like team deathmatch. Available maps on the closed beta include Helmand Valley (mission), and Kabul City Ruins (team assault).

Aside from a slightly different controller button layout, this game basically feels and controls much like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but that’s really where their similarities end. Most importantly, the hit detection in the MOH closed beta could definitely use some fine tuning, as well as the minimal amount of recoil that each available weapon has. The weapons just don’t have a “lifelike” feel to them in this early version of the game. Luckily for those interested in the upcoming MOH, the game won’t be released until the middle of October – so there’s a lot of time for the developers to tighten this up.

Having been mentioned several different times on the EA forums, the MOH closed beta is prone to having game crashing freezing issues. More times than not, and for some strange reason, this issue of freezing almost always happens to those people playing on the Taliban’s side once they get a multi-kill streak, mostly after three consecutive kills. Although while I was playing the beta for several hours yesterday afternoon, I started to notice the same kind of freezing would happen while playing on the U.S. team. Yet another glaring weakness of this closed beta would have to be the underpowered explosives. If you hit a tank from behind with two RPG rounds in BFBC2, the tank’s destroyed. If you hit a tank from behind with two RPG rounds in MOH, the tank’s still functional. If EA plans on selling more than four copies of their newest first person shooter game, I really think they had better straighten out these game breaking issues before its scheduled release in October.

Medal of Honor beta 2010

Another issue that I noticed while playing the MOH beta is the fact that you are unable to have settings saved in the options menu of the game. Undoubtedly this major issue will be fixed before its October 12th release, but I think it’s worth mentioning now for those people who want to play this once it becomes an open beta. It should also be noted that you’re unable to pickup other people’s weapons when you run low on your own ammunition. Here’s a warning for all the MOH snipers out there… your rifles will feel very, very underpowered. Upon first use, they could very well make the sniper rifles in Socom: Confrontation seem beastly than they actually were when that game first launched, almost two years ago.

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