Cool-C’s Journey to the Top: A Virtual DJ Battle Royale

There are few things I enjoy more in life than music, basketball and video games.  All three of these culminate in this contest being put on by the Mavs. It’s a DJ Hero tournament this Saturday, March 6th where the winner gets to be the Dallas Mavericks DJ for a game.  I MUST WIN THIS.   This is the story of my quest for the title of number one virtual DJ.

I will be practicing, playing online (maybe even for money?) and improving my scores up until the big day.  I will be doing some necessary research as well. I have already been practicing for a few days but need A LOT more work if I am going to be number one so it’s time to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH!!! I will be updating this post as well as twitter multiple times a day until I have secured the title!! Expect to see lots of score updates as well as practice anecdotes. There is no try only do!!!  LET’S DO THIS!!

Last updated Mar 6th 8:40 PM CT

Went back by the store I played at earlier today and my score still stands as the high score for the day, so I won that store.  I may have been the only one to play and the scores don’t matter for the contest but I don’t care, at least I won something.

Mar 6th 12:09 PM CT

It’s all over.  Not because I lost because I never had a chance.  There was a real tournament.  This was all an elaborate scheme to promote DJ Hero.  Basically, all that happened was that anyone that played the DJ Hero demo got a CHANCE TO ENTER, so it’s a random drawing.  I did all this practice for a random drawing.  A random drawing.  The score you get doesn’t even matter.  I had to go to four different stores to find one that had actually set-up the demo.  I was actually told at one store “we weren’t even going to set it up because we didn’t think anyone we would seriously show up for it.”  Yup.  Not only did I practice all week, I ended up looking like a damn fool in Gamestop.  In Gamestop.  It takes a lot to look like a fool in Gamestop but I succeeded…… and am not pleased about it.  I decided that I should at least enter because if stores aren’t even setting up their demo I have a great shot to win, but then I thought about it more and realized since this wasn’t even a real tournament clearly you wouldn’t really get to be the Mavs DJ.  Of course I entered anyway, I didn’t do all this work not to at least enter but I hate myself for it.

Mar 6th 9:30 AM CT

It’s go time, let’s do this.  Got a few songs in just now and I’m ready.

Mar 5th 10:42 PM CT

Didn’t get as much practice time in tonight as I had hoped.  But I still feel pretty good about my chances.

Mar 4th 11:17 PM CT

Total immersion has really paid off. I can tell a huge difference. I have most of the tracks memorized now. I remember where all the drum breaks and break downs are and can plan ahead a lot better while I’m playing. I feel much more in control during every song.  Here’s the proof.  100% hits.   I’m on my way people!

Mar 4th 4:02 PM CT

I’ve decided to go the total immersion route and downloaded the DJ Hero soundtrack.  The idea is to listen to nothing but this soundtrack until the tournament……… it was a good idea this morning………

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Podcast +3!

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This episode Not Judas makes his podcast debut and talks with Cool-C and Neutrally Chaotic talk about what he’s playing and his favorite games. We also talk about games that deserve a sequel as well as series that need to die. There is talk about Mass Effect 2, Gitaroo Man, Dragon Age: Origins, Earthbound, Morrowind, Oblivion, Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy X and DJ Hero with a few others mixed in.

We use a new method of recording so let us know how you like it. Thanks for listening!

Morality Podcast Episode Three (right click to download)

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DJ Hero: Return of the DJ

DJ Hero has everything a fan of rhythm games could want. The most important part of success for a rhythm game is the music and this game does not disappoint. In what other game can you find Queen, Bell Biv Devoe, Rick James, Gang Starr and Daft Punk? You simply can’t. But that is also one of the major problems with the game. The only people who truly know all the artists in the game are already DJs. They will be geeked to see some of their favorite break beats like Billy Squier’s “Big Beat” represented, but who else really knows that song or even knows who the flip Billy Squier is?

Basically, the soundtrack is so varied that at times the average gamer will wonder why they care about a particular song or playlist. But, for me that’s a reason to love the game, not hate it. People who otherwise wouldn’t hear this music now get to.

Also, all the tracks in the game are mash-ups. And believe it or not there is a huge portion of the population that still haven’t heard a mash-up. A mash-up is essentially the music or backing track from one song literally mashed together with the words from another song. DJs, at least good ones, do these all the time in their sets, thus the real appeal to this game. Anyone can feel like they’re creating mash-ups on the fly. All the 100 licensed songs on the game are mashed together to make mixes exclusive to DJ Hero.  Since some people may not like or know what mash-ups are, this could be a bad thing, but again I think that it’s what makes this game great.

This takes me to controls and gameplay. No matter how great the music is, if the controls give you diarrhea of the hands there’s no point. (Editors Note: What the super fudge?) No worries though, the controls are spot on. The plastic turntable is implemented really well.

Read more about the game play, the multiplayer as well as my verdict after the break.

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