Mobile Review: Zenonia 2

If the app store is lacking anything clearly it would be Legend of Zelda. That’s obviously not going to change, and so enters Zenonia 2. At first glance, fans of Super Nintendo era RPG fans will instantly be drawn to the visuals of Zenonia. They are definitely styled as an homage to the 16-bit era.

Zenonia also stays true to the “Zelda” form by being an action rpg. For the most part you attack by tapping like a mad man. You learn more attacks and spells as you progress but essentially you just strategically tap the attack button. However, all the comparisons to Zelda can stop there.

Zenonia is a full-on RPG experience disguised as a mobile game. You start the game by choosing from one of four character classes. I chose paladin, but there is also the shooter, magician and warrior each with their set of moves and abilities to be learned along the way. This game uses the ability tree mechanic as you level up and it’s a pretty huge tree which means tons of skills to learn. I can’t imagine anyone being able to reach all the skill and abilities in the tree in one play through. Just doesn’t seem possible and that’s a good thing; more reason to keep coming back.

Even though there are four classes, early on it’s essentially a choice between primary melee attacks or primary long-range attacks. Depending on your choice that can change and sort of even out later on, if you choose to level up that way.

The music in the game is pretty impressive. It’s all very sweeping and grand and very reminiscent of Final Fantasy from the 16-bit era. It’s pretty refreshing to hear such an emphasis on music on a platform where most music is just a throw away.

Read on to find out about the story, the controls and the multiplayer.

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Mobile Review: Baseball Superstars 2010

Baseball season is upon us once again and that means one thing, I need to pretend I like it for a while by finding the nearest baseball game.  But my search for said baseball game is always a rigorous one.  This game needs to be fairly simple, well because I’m a simpleton.  The game must also have a home run derby because chicks dig the long ball and by chicks I mean me and by long ball I mean long ball.  And really who cares about anything else in baseball besides home runs.  Baseball Superstars 2010 was my answer. It’s on the iPhone so I can hit home runs on the go.  Alright so mission accomplished there but is the game any good or did I waste that cash on a tired tradition that I pretend to enjoy.

Short answer, yes it’s good.  Long answer, it’s really good. This game is so feature packed you’ll think you just bought MLB 2k10.  There’s quick exhibition play, perfect for people like me who just want a quick baseball fix.  There’s also season mode and a create-a-player mode dubbed “my league.”  And if you want to get really crazy you just hit home runs or play missions.  Also, don’t forget the included wi-fi match play.  Yup, that’s a lot of ways to play one slightly boring past time.

My league mode is where this game really shines.  You can create a batter or pitcher and build them up from rookie to all-star increasing their stats along the way, essentially a baseball rpg.  Yeah, I said it.  This rpg character building is everywhere nowadays.  Anyway, you can create up to 4 batters and 2 pitchers all of which can then be assembled into a team and used in the season mode.  The great thing about playing in my league mode is that as a batter, that’s all you do.  The games are simulated until you’re up to bat.  Gotta love that.  All the satisfaction of hitting without all the bullcrap of playing baseball.

Read on to find out about the controls, the visuals and to see the game-play in action.

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