The Top Five Most Romantic Video Games

In honor of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to pop the champagne, light the candles and throw these games into your favorite video game system. That’s right: video games can have love stories, and while most of them are pretty thin and shallow, some games do a great job conveying that spark. So here are the top five games that will fill up your heart meter.

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The Best Gaming Moments of 2010

For those who follow Morality Points on Twitter (@Moralitypts), you probably know that we’re not super keen for best games of any year. Frankly speaking, there’s not one game that I would call the best, as different parts of different games appeal to me for different reasons. So here are my top 5 gaming moments of 2010 (Note: this list is made up of games that I played this year, not every game released):

5. Intro Sequence to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Intro

Maybe it’s because I replayed Assassin’s Creed II right before starting Brotherhood, but for the first time in videogames, I didn’t mind being stripped of all my abilities and armor. And yes, Mass Effect 2, I’m looking at you. If Mass Effect 3 pulls this “cloned” Shepherd bullshit, I will take the disc out and use it as a coaster. But this opening was cool: racing through a burning villa, fending off the Borgia troops until everyone could escape, and then seeing the “ghosts” as Desmond enters the sanctuary in the modern time. Truthfully, there’s a part of me that likes this sequence because it’s the first time I don’t want to throttle Desmond.

4. Flying a helicopter in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Here’s the thing about Battlefield games (and PC vets will know this more than anyone): everyone seems to have a hard-on for things that fly. The worst pilots are always the ones waiting for a helicopter (or bomber/fighter in Battlefield 1942/1943. Battle of Britain, anyone?) to spawn. However, there’s a reason for this. It’s awesome to rock the opposition from the air. I’ll never forget the time my amigo Taylor aka TheIrishFox strafed the opposition in Valparaíso. We were gee-dee heroes. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 stands out as one of my favorite shooters of 2010, just for the simple fact that it was the first time console players wanted to work together.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 helicopter

3. The first time you are Player of the Game in NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 Player of the Game

Honestly, this moment is a tie with the excellent introduction cinematic to NBA 2K11. However, seeing your own personally created character pull off amazing shots, amplified by some stylish camera work and game footage, really makes the 2K11 experience shine above all other sports games for me. I’m not even that much of a sports videogame kind of guy, but NBA 2K11 won me over. Now, will I return for NBA 2K12? That depends if they can top this year’s package. Incremental roster updates will no longer suffice in my book.

2. “Long Night of Solace” in Halo: Reach

Yes, I am a sucker for the Halo series. As I look back on the Bungie tenure of the Halo saga, I have to say that this is the level of Halo I always wanted. From the first time I played “The Silent Cartographer” in Halo: Combat Evolved, I always dreamed of “Long Night of Solace.” I just didn’t know it. That moment of peace in between storming the beach and entering the Covenant super carrier—it just gets me. It’s a chance to reflect not only on what lies ahead, but the whole Halo experience. Of course, the other standout moment of Halo: Reach is the mission Lone Wolf, but as a long time Halo fan, I feel that “Long Night of Solace” is the fan service I had always craved. Thanks Bungie.

Halo Reach Space

Check after the break for the number one moment in gaming for 2010.

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Top 5 Kevin Butler Ads

The Playstation 3 wasn’t always the hot item it is today. Back in the day, many people regarded the console as an overpriced shiny box that worked better as a Blu Ray player than it did as a videogame console (and some people still hold this belief). There was a variety of factors that contributed to the PS3 becoming it is what it is today: better games, a much needed price cut, and maybe, just maybe, the Kevin Butler Ads.

Undeniably one of the greatest videogame marketing campaigns, the Kevin Butler ads are hilarious—and more importantly a million times better than that near avant-garde crap Sony shoved down our throats. You know the ones: floating baby dolls that cry, black blobs that contort, and floating PS3s. It was ridiculous, it was awful, and it would have a hard time selling crack to a drug fiend.

So all hail Kevin Butler, king of Sony’s success. Today, we’re picking the top five Kevin Butler TV spots.

#5 Kevin Butler and Modnation Racers

This is a fun game, but the only thing better than a Little Big Planet kart racer is seeing Kevin Butler wearing an awesome ‘stache. Maybe he should sport this look all the time?

#4 Kevin Butler and Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2 sold consoles with its beautiful graphics, intense gameplay and intriguing storyline. I’m sure there’s been many a people who have sat down and watched the action, which is better than most of the crap on the Big Screen these days.

#3 Kevin Butler in the Future

Love the jab at Kinect’s red ball game, but one thing, KB. It’s almost the future, and I’m still not eating my meals through straws. Sony needs to get on this.

Check out after the bump for the top two Kevin Butler ads.

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Top 5 Lists: How You Found Us (NSFW)

Morality Points has been around for a little over three months. In that time, we’ve gotten 3, 736 hits (at the time of this writing). Most of these hits have come from Stumble (which if you’ve gotten here through StumbleUpon, please thumbs us up!) or from Facebook and Twitter. Those who haven’t found us that way have discovered our website through search terms. People have found Morality Points by searching for a variety of different things. I wanted to take the time and share with you the most popular search terms:

Top 5 Most Popular Search Hits

5. mass effect 2 break up

4. nba2k10 my player mode

3. bill and ted’s excellent adventure

2. assassins creed 2

1. assassin’s creed 2

So apparently, you guys love Assassin’s Creed 2 (although we’re a little uncertain about whether or not to put the apostrophe, eh?). I also got a kick that so many people want to know how to break up with their virtual booty calls in Mass Effect 2. So here’s a simple solution: in the final mission, just have him or her get killed. Sure, it’s a little ruthless, but you all seem pretty desperate to separate from your (in)significant other.

And Keanu Reeves owes this site a great deal of thanks. We’ve made him famous (arguably for the first time).

Now, for my favorite list: the Top Five Strangest Search Terms. (NSFW, folks, believe it or not)

5. mass effect 2 feels empty

Yes, I suppose Mass Effect 2 does feel empty (that was one of my complaints about the game when I reviewed it), but I wonder what the person was doing when they searched for that? Maybe they were looking for a forum to grief on, or maybe they were trying to find a support group.

4. photo of morality

This is like searching for “photo of thinking.” You can’t take a photo of morality—you can take a photo of moral actions, but not of the concept. If you could it might look something like this:


Or maybe this:

Moral the Dog

Read on after the break for the top 3.

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