Starcraft 2 – LIG Round 5: NeutralKotic vs ducK

We’re already in Round 5 of the League of Inadequate Gamers. It’s kind of hard to believe how fast the season is passing! With only three rounds left to play, this first matchup between NeutralKotic (#2 in the LIG) and ducK (#1) could be critical in the final tournament seeding. Who takes the series? Find out below and enjoy some intense Starcraft 2 action!

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Cool-C’s Journey to the Top: A Virtual DJ Battle Royale

There are few things I enjoy more in life than music, basketball and video games.  All three of these culminate in this contest being put on by the Mavs. It’s a DJ Hero tournament this Saturday, March 6th where the winner gets to be the Dallas Mavericks DJ for a game.  I MUST WIN THIS.   This is the story of my quest for the title of number one virtual DJ.

I will be practicing, playing online (maybe even for money?) and improving my scores up until the big day.  I will be doing some necessary research as well. I have already been practicing for a few days but need A LOT more work if I am going to be number one so it’s time to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH!!! I will be updating this post as well as twitter multiple times a day until I have secured the title!! Expect to see lots of score updates as well as practice anecdotes. There is no try only do!!!  LET’S DO THIS!!

Last updated Mar 6th 8:40 PM CT

Went back by the store I played at earlier today and my score still stands as the high score for the day, so I won that store.  I may have been the only one to play and the scores don’t matter for the contest but I don’t care, at least I won something.

Mar 6th 12:09 PM CT

It’s all over.  Not because I lost because I never had a chance.  There was a real tournament.  This was all an elaborate scheme to promote DJ Hero.  Basically, all that happened was that anyone that played the DJ Hero demo got a CHANCE TO ENTER, so it’s a random drawing.  I did all this practice for a random drawing.  A random drawing.  The score you get doesn’t even matter.  I had to go to four different stores to find one that had actually set-up the demo.  I was actually told at one store “we weren’t even going to set it up because we didn’t think anyone we would seriously show up for it.”  Yup.  Not only did I practice all week, I ended up looking like a damn fool in Gamestop.  In Gamestop.  It takes a lot to look like a fool in Gamestop but I succeeded…… and am not pleased about it.  I decided that I should at least enter because if stores aren’t even setting up their demo I have a great shot to win, but then I thought about it more and realized since this wasn’t even a real tournament clearly you wouldn’t really get to be the Mavs DJ.  Of course I entered anyway, I didn’t do all this work not to at least enter but I hate myself for it.

Mar 6th 9:30 AM CT

It’s go time, let’s do this.  Got a few songs in just now and I’m ready.

Mar 5th 10:42 PM CT

Didn’t get as much practice time in tonight as I had hoped.  But I still feel pretty good about my chances.

Mar 4th 11:17 PM CT

Total immersion has really paid off. I can tell a huge difference. I have most of the tracks memorized now. I remember where all the drum breaks and break downs are and can plan ahead a lot better while I’m playing. I feel much more in control during every song.  Here’s the proof.  100% hits.   I’m on my way people!

Mar 4th 4:02 PM CT

I’ve decided to go the total immersion route and downloaded the DJ Hero soundtrack.  The idea is to listen to nothing but this soundtrack until the tournament……… it was a good idea this morning………

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